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Does Your Child Have A New Car? Make Sure You Check The Windshield Periodically

If you child has a new car, you are likely very apprehensive about letting them drive on their own. There are things that you can do to help them stay safe while they are in their car to help you feel a little better. One thing you can do is to check the windshield periodically to make sure there are no problems with it. A windshield provides up to 30% of the car’s structural strength. If your child is in a collision, it can prevent them from being tossed out of their vehicle. It also functions like a roll bar if their car rolls over. This is why maintaining the integrity of the windshield is very important.

Look for Windshield Chips

Look over the windshield carefully and look for any small chips. Use a magnifying glass to help you find the chips, as they could be difficult to see if they are in the corner or they are very small. One chip can lead to a crack that spreads across the windshield, so it is much easier to get the chip repaired now.

The windshield glass is made up of two layers of glass with a layer of vinyl between them. If it is raining, moisture can get underneath the chip, weakening the glass. If the temperature outside drops to below freezing, this moisture will freeze, which causes the chip to expand.

Simply driving over a speed bump can cause the chip to turn into a crack. When the car hits a bump of any kind, this puts pressure on the windshield.

Repair Windshield Chips

There are windshield repair kits that you can purchase. These kits come with step-by-step instructions, curing film, resin, and a tool to smooth out the glass.

It still may be better to take your car in for professional repair, however. You may not use the repair kit correctly, especially if you have never done this before. You do not want to take the chance that the chip is not completely fixed. You should also take it in for repair by a professional if the chip seems to be deep into the glass, such as if flakes of glass have fallen off.

A car technician will have professional equipment to completely fix the chip. It may take you at least an hour or so to use the repair kit, but the professional can complete the job in only a few minutes.

Ask your child to check their windshield if a rock or some other debris hits it while they are driving, as these things can cause a chip.

For more information about windshield repair, visit websites like

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What Are The Best Fire Suppression Options?

Fire suppression is an important consideration to make early on in a construction project. There are several types of fire systems to choose from, with varying costs and benefits. Here are som of the most important fire suppression systems to consider for your project. 

Fireproof Walls and Doors

It’s a good idea to put fireproofing in place from the start of your construction project. Firewall insulation can prevent the spread of fires while also making the building more energy efficient. If you have specific areas where fire or flammable materials will be used, then you may consider adding fire doors as well. These not only keep fires from traveling to new rooms, but they can also act as a visual reminder for people as they enter and exit a fire-prone area of the building. 

Fire Sprinklers

Fire sprinklers are a great traditional option that is cost-effective and efficient. The technology behind fire sprinklers continues to improve, so that you can now find several add-ons to the traditional sprinkler. For instance, some sprinklers can be automatically activated based on a heat sensor; this adds another layer of protection in case you aren’t present at the time of the fire. 

Chemical Agents

Chemical agents, such as a handheld fire extinguisher, can be a great way to stop small fires. They allow for more targeted fire control, so they are a useful backup to a catch-all system such as a fire sprinklers system. Be sure to factor in the cost of maintaining and replacing these chemical agents as you decide how many fire extinguishers to purchase. 

Pressurized Air Systems

Finally, pressurized air systems can be a great option if your space shouldn’t get wet. These work similarly to the less expensive water sprinkler systems, but they used pressurized air to obstruct fire. In addition to the added cost, there are a few added hazards in having a pressurized air container in your space, so be sure to follow guidelines for checking on the tank and keeping it in a safe space. 

Which of These is the Best Option? 

Each of the fire suppression methods mentioned above has its strengths and weaknesses. There’s often not a clear cut answer as to which fire suppression method is best, but it’s helpful to combine several systems to get the benefits of each. By creating a system with many fail safes, you can protect your space more fully. Contact a local contractor, like Nor Cal Fire Protection, to find the best system for you.

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Tips For Troubleshooting A Gas Furnace

The gas furnace is responsible for intaking cold air, heating it up, and redistributing it throughout your home. When it malfunctions, any problem could result, including no warm air being pushed out of the system. If you are having problems, here are some basic troubleshooting you can try before calling in your HVAC technician.  

No Heat

If the heating system is on, but there is no heat, there is a possibility that the pilot light is out. Before checking it, ensure that the thermostat is set to the appropriate settings. If so, check the pilot light located in the box shaped device attached to the furnace. If the light is not lit, you will need to turn the gas valve to the “off” position before attempting to light it. 

Wait for a few minutes to allow any gas that was in the air to clear. You can then turn the valve to “pilot” and to light it using a match or lighter. Once it is lit, you can turn the valve back to the “on” position. Your heat should be restored within a few minutes. 

Cycling Too Much

Occasionally, the furnace might cycle on and off too much. When this occurs, the problem could be related to the air filter. If it is has not been changed within the last month, change it. If the problem persists, it is possible that the issue is related to the thermostat.

The thermostat is responsible for regulating how often the heat turns on and off. When it is cycling too much, the heat anticipator might need adjustment. The heat anticipator works by determining the point at which the heat is turned off at the furnace. To adjust it, you will need to remove the cover of your thermostat and look for a thin wire attached to a metallic coil. It usually has an arm that slides up and down. 

Slide the arm towards the “longer” setting to prompt the furnace to add more time between cycling on and off. You might have to adjust it again if the problem continues. The thermostat might need to be completely replaced or another problem might be to blame.

If none of the troubleshooting steps resolved your issue, contact a local HVAC technician (such as one from Lowry Services: Electric, Plumbing, Heating & Cooling). He or she can assess the issue and resolve it. Be sure to inform the technician of the troubleshooting steps you have taken to help him or her pinpoint the problem faster.  

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Remove Mildew Stains From The Building You Operate Your Business Out Of

If some of the shingles on the building that you operate your business out of are stained with mildew, eliminate it with the following steps. Once the shingles have been restored to their original condition, keep them maintained so that they look nice, last for years, and remain damage-free.


  • ladder
  • broom
  • vinyl tarp
  • garden sprayer
  • commercial detergent
  • mixing stick
  • long-handled scrub brush
  • water hose
  • bleach
  • spray bottle

Remove Debris And Mildew 

Cover the grass that is located around the building with a vinyl tarp. Remove the tank to a garden sprayer and add equal amounts of commercial detergent and water to it. Stir the cleaning components well with a mixing stick until you see suds. Reattach the tank. Climb a ladder and remove large pieces of debris by hand. Use a broom to assist with removing large twigs or leaves that are out of reach.

Hold the nozzle to the garden sprayer and squeeze the trigger over the areas that are covered with mildew. Wait a few minutes for the soapy water to penetrate. Use a long-handled scrub brush to help you remove the mildew stains. After all of the surface stains have been eliminated, rinse the roof off with a steady stream of plain water.

Eliminate Stubborn Stains

If any of the shingles have stubborn stains that were not successfully removed with the garden sprayer, apply bleach directly to them. You can easily do this by adding bleach to a spray bottle and treating each area that is dirty with a liberal amount of the bleach. Wait several minutes for the bleach to penetrate the surface of each shingle. Use a scrub brush to loosen and eliminate the stains. After the shingles are clean, rinse away the bleach with plain water. Remove the tarp from the ground and clean its surface.

Keep The Shingles Maintained In The Future

After the shingles have been restored to their original condition, it will be simple to keep them maintained. Get into the habit of spraying the roof off several times each year to remove debris. If large branches or several leaves are on the roof, remove them by hand. Inspect the roof immediately after severe weather so that debris can be removed before it causes damage. As long as you inspect the roof and spray it off throughout the year, the shingles will remain damage-free.

For more information, contact Central States Roofing or a similar company.

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Make A Fun Project Wth Your Child Out Of Cardboard Boxes

If you have some big cardboard boxes taking up room in your garage, you can turn them into a fun crafts project you can do with your child. This will help you to free up the space in your garage and have a fun time making memories with your child. This article will give you instructions on how to have a great time making a couple different projects.

Make a huge cardboard puzzle

You can make a puzzle that has a personalized design you and your child drew together. You will start by cutting out a large piece of the box. Use markers with your child to draw and color a design of their choosing. You want to make sure the coloring is nice and dark.

Once the two of you are done with the design, you want to set the piece of cardboard on a surface you don’t have to worry about cutting, such as the driveway. You want to do this net part for your child. You can use a box cutter to carefully cut out medium sized pieces in different shapes. You can try to duplicate the shapes of puzzle pieces, but this isn’t necessary.

Once you have made all the cuts, you want to remove each piece one by one. Now the puzzle is complete and your child can have a great time putting it back together knowing they helped to make it with you. If your child decides they want to put it back together and keep it in one piece, you can use another large piece of cardboard cut into the same size and glue the puzzle on it.

Make a puppet stage

If you have a very large box in your garage, you can make a puppet stage with your child. The first thing you want to do is cut the flaps off the top of the box. After the flaps are removed, turn the box upside down and use a box cutter to cut a large window in the front of it.

After you remove the cardboard piece from the window cut you made, your child can use markers, crayons or finger paint to decorate the outside of the stage any way they want. Once it is completed, they can get inside the box with their favorite puppets and throw a puppet show for the family.

Now that you have a couple ideas of some great ways you and your child can reuse those extra cardboard boxes, you can clear them out of the garage and have a great time. Cardboard recycling does not have to be boring, after all.

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Three Tips To Help Hardwood Lumber Last Longer In Outdoor Applications

Hardwood can be a very attractive material for many different projects. It is often sold as an interior flooring product, but it can also be used for outdoor applications. You can use hardwood materials for things like decorative landscaping structures, decking and for railings on porches. If you want to use hardwood outdoors, here are some tips to help make it last longer:

1. Pressure Washing And Keeping Wood Clean

One of the best things that you can do to prevent wood rot is keep it clean. This can be done by regularly pressure washing your hardwood. This will prevent debris from getting in the cracks, which can hold moisture and allow fungus like moss and lichen to grow. When you do this, you can also treat it with an algaecide product for extra protection. This is a good idea if you live in an area with a lot of rain, or if your wood is in a shaded area that promotes fungus growth.

2. Using An Epoxy Resin To Give Wood A Protective Coating

Epoxy resin is an option if you want to have your hardwood permanently sealed and protected from the elements. This is what boat builders use to protect wood finishes on boats, as well as to build fiberglass boats. It can be costly to apply and you will not add new stain to change the appearance of your deck. It can be good for areas where moisture may be a problem, such as around a body of water like a lake or homes with high rainfall. An epoxy coating will completely seal the wood to protect it from the elements. You may want to apply a UV protector before doing this to prevent fading.

3. Applying Sealants Regularly To Protect Wood From Moisture

If you want an affordable solution to protect your wood, applying a stain and sealant regularly can protect your hardwood. This is something that should be done every couple of years to ensure wood is protected. If you clean your deck regularly, the sealant will last much longer. Materials in direct sunlight may need to have a sealant applied more often, which you can use a product that includes UV protector to prevent fading and discoloration of your wood surfaces.

These are some tips to help your outdoor hardwood applications last longer. If you are looking for wood for your next project, contact a hardwood lumber supplier like Salem Hardwood to get the materials you need for a great finish.

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Four Problems That You May Have With Your Old Vinyl Siding

If you have vinyl siding that was installed on your home decades ago, there may be small damage and repairs that need to be done. Some of the problems can be due to cracks from brittle siding, UV exposure damage and pieces coming loose from the seams. Many of these problems can easily be repaired to prevent problems with leaks and structural damage in your home. Here are some of the problems that you may want to look for with your old vinyl siding:

1. Cracked Siding Without Backing In Active Areas 

Siding can be damaged by many different things, but vinyl siding can be vulnerable to cracking, especially in areas where there is a lot of activity like in a backyard where children play. These areas can be good places to use foam backed siding, which is more rigid and will not crack as easy when cold weather makes the vinyl brittle. Foam backed siding can also help to make your home more energy efficient.

2. UV Exposure Causing Fading And Deterioration Of Siding

There may be areas of your home that get a lot of direct sunlight. The UV exposure can cause damage to vinyl siding. It can cause siding to fade and change color, as well as to deteriorate. The vinyl can become brittle and start to lose the exterior finish. To prevent this, clean the siding in direct sunlight with products that have a UV protectant to prevent damage during long summer days when siding gets the most exposure to UV radiation.

3. Loose Siding Coming Unzipped At The Seams

With vinyl siding, a seam that snaps in place connects the pieces. When the seam comes loose, it unzips much like the zipper on a pair of jeans. To repair this problem, siding can be snapped back into place and fasteners added to prevent it from coming loose. It is important that enough nails be used when siding is installed to prevent this. It can also happen for long spans of siding, where the weight of siding can cause pieces to come loose.

4. Melted Siding Due To Heat Sources Being Too Close

Another problem that you may encounter with vinyl siding is fire damage. This does not have to be damage from a home catching fire. Vinyl siding can easily be melted when a heat source is too close to the siding. Grills and other things like burning yard debris to close to your home can cause this. When the siding is melted, this area of your home will have to have new siding installed to repair the damage.

These are some of the areas that can be a problem with your vinyl siding. If you need help with repairs or the installation of new siding, contact a vinyl siding contractor like MAK Construction Corporation to get the help you need fixing these problems and providing repairs that will last for years.

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