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The Three Main Types Of Radiant Heating

Radiant heating is heating that heats up an object, which then conducts the heat into the rest of the room. This is a direct contrast to convection heating, which heats up circulating air in order to provide warmth to your home. There are three main types of radiant heating, each of which uses a different medium to warm up an area. Understanding the advantages and disadvantages that each type of radiant heating provides can help you choose the one that best suits your needs.

Electric Radiant Heating

The most common type of radiant heating, electric radiant heating is made up of a mesh of metal attached to heating cables. When turned on, the heating cables will warm up the mesh, which will spread the heat out over a large area. Electric radiant heating systems are powerful enough to heat up entire homes, which means that they can be used in place of a furnace.

The only real downside of electric radiant heating is the high initial price, which makes it less than ideal for homeowners operating under a budget.

Hydronic Radiant Heating

Hydronic radiant heating uses water instead of metal mesh to transfer heat. The main draw of hydronic radiant heating over electric radiant heating is the fact that a wide variety of power sources can be used to provide heat. The water in the hydronic system can be powered by any type of boiler or furnace, or even by solar panels installed on your home.

Hydronic radiant heating systems are more complex to install when compared to electric radiant heating, which means that they have to be installed while a room is being constructed, or the floors and walls of the room have to be ripped out to install the system.

Air Radiant Heating

A fairly inexpensive radiant heating option, air radiant heating uses air to transfer heat to the rest of the room, as the name suggests. The inexpensive price means that this type of radiant heating system is ideal for retrofitting in an already existing room.

However, air cannot hold a great deal of heat when compared to metal mesh and water, so the heat rarely travels above the floor. This makes it ideal for bathrooms and places with tiled floors, which will retain the heat for a while, but not for the entire house, as the system is simply not powerful enough to replace a furnace or central heating system. Contact a heating service company like the one found at for tips on what system will work best for you.

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Small Changes Can Make A Big Difference In The Frequency Of Your Septic Tank Pumping

The average household will need to have their septic tank pumped every 3-5 years. However, some homeowners will find that their tank needs pumping as often as every year. If you are one of these homeowners who experiences the need for frequent tank pumping, you should know that making small changes in your daily routine can help to significantly decrease the frequency with which your tank must be pumped. Below you will learn more about a few of the small changes that you can make that will ultimately make a big difference in the maintenance that your septic tank requires.

Turn The Water Off While Brushing Your Teeth

Water conservation is a topic that many homeowners fail to think about when using well water, since they are no longer responsible for paying a monthly water bill. However, conserving water can be just as important when using a septic system to process your waste water. This is because the more water your septic tank needs to process on a daily basis, the less time it will have to properly separate the solid waste from your water. As a result, you tank will be at an increased risk of an overflow. Thankfully, something as simple as turning off the water while you are brushing your teeth can reduce your household’s water consumption each year by up to 12,600 gallons per person.

Skip The Bleach And Antibacterial Soaps

A septic tank requires high bacteria levels in order to break down solid waste. If these bacteria levels are compromised, solid waste will begin to build up much faster and result in the need for more frequent tank pumping in order to avoid an overflow. Unfortunately, many homeowners compromise these bacteria levels without even realizing they are doing it. This is because many people now rely on cleaning products that contain bleach and antibacterial soaps to help keep their home free from germs. The problem is, when these products are washed down the drain, they will also begin killing the necessary bacteria inside your septic tank.

If you are worried about the presence of germs in your home, there are ways that you can maintain a sanitary environment without compromising the bacteria levels in your septic tank. For instance, rather than using reusable rags to wipe up household cleaners, consider using disposable paper towels to get the job done. You can also choose to use bleach alternatives or a steam cleaner to keep your home clean. Finally, consider switching out your antibacterial hand soap for a milder version and pair it with a hand sanitizer that does not need to be washed off.

For more information, contact American Pumping Service or a similar company.

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Tips For Planning The Customized Home Designed With Room To Grow Into

No two people are exactly the same, so why should every home have the same designs and options? In order for you and your family to enjoy the most comfort in a new home, ensuring the amenities and options are most suitable to your needs is important. For this reason, taking the time to design your customized home is a good idea.

Counter And Cabinet Height Is An Essential Design Consideration

If you have ever washed dishes or cooked dinner in a kitchen with low counter tops, you may have experienced a backache. Counters built too low for the average adult height in your home can cause dish washing and cooking to be uncomfortable tasks. Be sure to write down the height of each adult in your home. Discuss the best counter height for each person and how to make the best choice for your new home’s counters. Bear in mind the same is true about cabinets as well. If you have a hard time reaching the top cabinet in your kitchen, you might avoid utilizing its space. The kitchen that is easily accessible for and your family is the one that will be enjoyed for many years to come.

Making Room For Additional Closet And Storage Space

Anyone that has ever lived in a small home without enough storage space can relate to the need for bigger closets and more room for putting odds and ends like holiday decorations. Remember to consider storage space in rooms like the kitchen and bath. Hallways are the perfect place to add in a linen or coat closet. Taking time to think about all the areas of unused space in your design plan is a good idea for getting the home with enough room to grow in.

Avoiding Expensive Room Additions Later On

Maybe you are and your spouse are planning to start a family in your new home. Maybe you and your spouse already have children and need more bedrooms. When designing your home, leaving room to grow in is extremely important. You might consider a downstairs room for your guests or teens that includes a small kitchenette instead of adding just a basement. Maybe an extra bedroom with a half bath would better than a screened in porch. Knowing you will have the room your family needs to be comfortable is a good feeling

Design is a necessary aspect of new home construction you should always take your time to consider. By doing so, you and your family can enjoy your home without being cramped or not having enough room to stay neat and organized. The home design that is put together with comfort in mind is the one that is most successful. Talk to a custom home contracting company, like Clodfelter Bryan & Tammy, for more information on design tips. 

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Wonderful Window Seats Provide Aesthetic Appeal And Utility

When you are trying to configure interiors, furnishings, and treatments around the windows in the home, take time to consider constructing a window seat. These clever space-savers can create a lovely focal point in any room, while preventing bulky furniture from blocking the window, hindering the view and making the space seem smaller.

Consider the following types of window seats that you may implement in your own home:

Storage spaces

One of the best uses for a window seat, besides sitting, is to use the base of the seat for hidden storage. These work well in a hall or foyer, to contain coats, boots, or sporting goods. These also are useful in a master bedroom, providing an intimate spot to relax while also tastefully tucking away belongings and linens.

Clever camouflage

If your home has bulky radiators or heat registers directly in front of the window, this may cause you to under-utilize the spot near the windows, making this a useless area of your home. Instead, construct a window seat on and around the fixture, concealing it within the body of the window seat. Enjoy looking at your custom window seat rather than the industrial look of a register or radiator; talk with contractors about using materials around the base that will allow air circulation and heat flow.

Kitchen dining

A window seat in a sunny kitchen can easily transform into booth-style dining to bring a fun, whimsical touch to the space. This also could provide ample space in smaller kitchens so that families are able to eat together in this room. Who doesn’t want to enjoy their dinner with a view?

Unconventional alcoves

Windows in rooms like the attic may get overlooked and underused. Add a window seat and some comfy cushions, and that may be all the furniture that you need to give these unused spaces some style and solve your seating needs.

Formal seating

If you are fortunate to have tall, floor-to-ceiling windows along a wall or in a hallway of the home, optimize the beauty of this feature with an extended window seat. These long bench-style seats give a formal look to the interiors, creating a dramatic foyer or elegant hall in the home.

Window seats do more than merely provide an appealing focal point for a room; these stylish seating arrangements can turn any space into an intimate and useful feature for the room. Talk with builders and contractors like Sound Glass Sales, Inc. about adding a window seat to a window in your home, transforming it from a simple space to an alluring and stylish home detail.  

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How To Update Your Kitchen Cabinets With New Hardware

Whether you’ve recently remodeled your kitchen with brand new cabinets, or are just trying to update your old cabinets, new hardware will really showcase your cabinets. Your drawer pulls and knobs will be the center of attention in your kitchen, so if your existing knobs and pulls are old or broken, it’s time to replace them. The knobs and pulls you choose should be based on your own personal style, and match with the decor in your room. See below for some helpful tips on how to choose your hardware and how to update your kitchen.

Choosing Your Hardware

There are quite a number of hardware choices to choose from. You can choose anywhere from oil-rubbed bronze to antique glass knobs, to a more modern chrome. Knobs and pulls come in all shapes and sizes too. When choosing your hardware, don’t be afraid to mix and match styles. You don’t necessarily have to have all of the same color or shape for your pulls and knobs. See below for some tips to help you choose based on your kitchen decor.

  1. Country/Cottage Style Decor. Look for softer looking hardware such as glass knobs mixed with black or white drop drawer pulls. Cup pulls give an old house charm as well. Oil rubbed bronze or brushed nickel work best with this type of decor style.
  2. Modern Decor. Chrome, black and brushed nickel look good with modern decor. Chrome bar pulls or flat bars for all cabinets and drawers is a very modern look. You can line them either vertically along the side of cabinets, or horizontally along the bottom of your cabinets.
  3. Traditional Decor. For homes with a more traditional feel, go with simple hardware such as simple antique bronze knobs and rope drawer pulls in the same antique bronze. You can use knobs for all cabinets and for drawers as well if you prefer a more streamlined look.
  4. Industrial Decor. Use grey or black hardware for an industrial style kitchen. Cup handles, or recessed handles and knobs work best with this decor. 

Installing Your Hardware

Installing your new hardware may seem like a simple task, but you want to be sure all of your knobs line up perfectly on each cabinet, and that each drawer pull is level. See below for instructions on how to install your knobs and drawer pulls with ease.

  1. For easy installation, purchase a template from your local hardware store. You can easily line up each cabinet and drawer using the template as a guide.
  2. Figure out where you want your knobs and pulls, and line your template up on your cabinet. Mark the hole with a pencil where you plan on drilling.
  3. Using your power drill and a small drill bit, drill a hole in your cabinet/drawer. You can either have your cabinet open or closed, but be sure there isn’t anything behind that can be punctured.
  4. Use a larger drill bit once you have your initial hole drilled. You use the small drill bit first so you do not crack or splinter your cabinet wood. 
  5. Repeat this for each and every cabinet, lining up your template and using the same hole for each cabinet.
  6. Finally, add your hardware.

Updating your kitchen with new hardware is simple to do, just find what you like and carefully install them on your cabinets. Enjoy the new look your hardware gives to your kitchen. Talk to experts like Leon Supply for more information.

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DIY Methods And Tools For Cleaning Your Drain

When a drain clogs, many homeowners reach for the chemical drain cleaner. While this may be an effective temporary fix, drain cleaners can have negative effects that create other long-term problems. In addition to the fact that chemical drain cleaners can cause some pipes to corrode, these products are made from toxic chemicals, which can give some green-minded homeowners pause. Fortunately, homeowners seeking environmentally friendly DIY methods to clean their drains have many options. Here are a few of the most effective DIY methods for cleaning drains.

Plumber’s Auger or Coat Hanger

A plumber’s auger consists of a long cable with a corkscrew-like tip, and a manual crank to wind and unwind the cable. To clear a clog, the cable is pushed into the drain until the cork screw end encounters the clog. When the end of the auger pierces the clog, the cable is extracted and the clog is removed.

Of course, you may not have a plumber’s auger on hand. If this is the case, an unfolded coat hanger can make an acceptable alternative, as long as the clog is not very deep down into the pipe. To use this method, straighten the coat hanger and curve the end into a hook. Next, push the coat hanger (curved end first) into the pipe, and then fish around until the hook pierces the clog. Pull out the hanger and the clog should come with it.

To snake a tough clog, or a clog deep within the pipe, some homeowners may even consider renting an electric drain snake from a home improvement center. Similar to the plumber’s auger, electric snakes have more power and are good for removing very tough clogs.

Boiling Water, Baking Soda and Vinegar

Baking soda mixed with boiling water will flush sticky and greasy items down a narrow pipe. In addition, vinegar is an acid and will eat away at organic materials. To clear a clog, pour baking soda into the drain opening and then flush the pipe with boiling water. Next, pour vinegar down the drain and immediately plug the opening. The vinegar and baking soda will combine to create a bubbly, frothy mixture. Some bubbles from this chemical reaction may squeeze their way through the cracks around the drain plug. This is expected and acceptable. Repeat this process as necessary until the clog is removed.

Sometimes DIY methods just don’t work. When this happens, it’s time to call a plumbing service. For assistance with your toughest clogs, call a plumber in your area with a reputation for excellence. Visit sites like for more info about drains and plumbing.

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4 Benefits Of Using A Mini Excavator Vs. A Larger One

If you have to move some earth for one project or another, you might be thinking about renting an excavator to get the job done. An excavator rental can be a great way to get the job done without having to make a major purchase yourself, but you might be unsure of which model to rent for your needs.

Many excavator rental companies offer both miniature and full-sized excavators, and you could be unsure of which one is best for your needs. Although there are some projects that require a large excavator, however, there is a good chance that you’ll find that a miniature one is your best choice. These are a few benefits to using a mini excavator rather than a larger one:

1. Easier to Maneuver in Small Spaces

If you are working on a residential project or another smaller excavation job, then you might find that a miniature excavator is the best choice. Because of its smaller size, it will allow you to easily work in smaller spaces without as much trouble with maneuvering around.

2. Offers More Precise Operation

Since miniature excavators are smaller, they typically offer a more precise operation. If you are doing a more detail-oriented job, such as if you are trying to excavate a very small piece of land or are trying to dig up the dirt in a certain shape, a miniature excavator can be a more solid choice.

3. Better for Beginners

If you are renting an excavator, then you might not have a whole lot of experience in using one. Although you might be able to figure out how to operate a larger excavator, you could find that a miniature excavator will feel safer and more secure. These excavators also generally have easier controls and are much easier for beginners to figure out.

4. Has Less Impact on the Environment

As someone who is concerned about your own impact on the environment, you may want to consider a miniature excavator. Since it uses less fuel and puts out fewer emissions, it can be a better choice if you are trying to do your project in an Eco-friendly manner.

Many people find that a miniature excavator is a far better option for their projects. Before you go out and rent a full-sized excavator, consider these benefits of a miniature excavator rental instead. Along with these benefits, you may find that you enjoy your choice in other ways as well. To learn more, contact a company like Burris Equipment Co. with any questions or concerns you have.

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